SWM - Spiritual Wealth Management

By George Mentz, JD, MBA


Spiritual Wealth Management is the premier guide book on creating success, abundance, prosperity and emotional wealth. This book is the Executive Guide to Success...

Written by an International Lawyer and former Wall Street Wealth Management Professional, this book is designed to take the reader to the next level in creating the life that you want.

Mentz is the first wealth management professor and former investment banking officer to produce a book of this type. This book is designed for the busy professional to reach new heights in their personal and business success.

 George Mentz


George Mentz is an American born wealth management professor and management consultant is best known for his creation of the worlds' first graduate wealth management standards & professional development programs.

After sponsoring hundreds of courses and seminars globally and teaching thousands bankers, VIPs, and professionals, George Mentz has codified his secrets to successs and wealth management in his award winning essays and manuscript.

As the first lawyer in the USA to be triple certified in financial consulting and planning, Mentz brings his Wall street Firm experiernce to the masses.

After a scrape with death in an explosive car wreck in the late 80's, Mentz became determined to turn his life around and to help others live healthy and prosperous lives. Mentz began a 20 year journey in seeking the greatest knowledge in the realm of success. Mentz begain publishing this research after discussing his ideas with some of the richest people in the world who had started with nothing. The results are based in this research which includes some timeless philosophy and also some explains the psychology of wealth from the perspective of human potential, metaphysics, and performance measurement.

Mentz is at the forefront of the fusion movement which brings tactical and practical wealth management in line with spiritual and metaphysical tools. In the end, Mentz believes that we all have a higher purpose and we all should be able to express ourselves at a higher level.